'Foxy Knoxy': Sex, violence and media hysteria
Amanda Knox. (Getty Images)
October 5th, 2011
12:58 AM ET

'Foxy Knoxy': Sex, violence and media hysteria

Editor's Note: Sarah Stillman, a visiting scholar at New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, is the recipient of their inaugural Reporting Award. She recently published The Invisible Army in The New Yorker. Check out her website here.

By Sarah Stillman – Special to CNN

There is something about pretty white girls, bloody knives and the slightest whiff of sex that gets the international news machine humming like nothing else.  All three factors merged explosively Monday in a crowded appeals court in Perugia, Italy. There, before several hundred journalists and other spectators, American college student Amanda Knox, 24, was cleared of murdering her study-abroad roommate, Meredith Kercher, in a sexually-motivated crime four years ago.  Already, feature film rights to Knox’s story are flying, and book publishers, too, are salivating.

Until recently, the prevailing explanation for “Foxy Knoxy’s” guilt had been a surreal one.  A game of rough sex went terribly wrong that evening in 2007, alleged Italian prosecutors.  The young American student, her boyfriend and a local immigrant man were behind the perverse ordeal - or so echoed tabloids and reputable papers on both sides of the Atlantic - ending up in Kercher’s bloody death.

This orgy-centered narrative was bandied about by lawyers in the Italian courtroom, as were terms like “she-devil” and “witch.”  But was any of it true?  After four years of Knox’s incarceration based on an increasingly shaky set of extracted confessions and problematic forensic evidence, prosecutors’ made-for-late-night version of the crime has finally been snuffed this week.  Knox, now officially freed, is heading home to Seattle.

All this has left the press to ask, somewhat sheepishly: were mainstream theories about Knox’s guilt driven primarily, as Slate.com’s Katie Crouch argued last month, by our collective lust for a kinky tale? 

This hypothesis, it turns out, does have some historical weight behind it.  Since the advent of the penny press nearly two centuries ago, American journalists have done some of their briskest business when selling tales of unlikely female perpetrators - the more frail and photogenic, the better.  With each successive decade, the “girl killer” genre of true crime reporting has hewed more and more closely to the fading industry model of d-list porn films: a sloppy mash-up of stock characters (the femme fatale, the lesbian psycho-slasher, etc.) prone either to overly-hasty climaxes, or, inversely, to long, drawn-out sagas that test the stamina of even the most dedicated voyeurs.

Here, briefly, are four women in American history whose sensational murder and assault trials became, much like Knox’s, vehicles for serving our most base collective appetites, sometimes spawning whole industries unto themselves and often reflecting larger cultural battles.

1.  Alice Mitchell: “Girl Slays Girl”

On January 25th, 1892, a young Memphis teen named Alice Mitchell allegedly attacked her former “girl lover,” Freda Ward, with a knife, slitting her throat.  Her motivation?  Perverted love sickness, according to the feverish press coverage that began locally but quickly spread across the state, and then the country.  American readers, it turned out, were fascinated by the prospect of female sexual deviance at the turn of the century, at a time when young women were first entering public life en masse as workers, consumers, and sexual agents, increasingly bending the rules of traditional gender roles.

The trial sparked the production of hundreds of lurid articles about the two lovers (“Girl Slays Girl”!), medical studies on the disputed topic of Ward’s insanity, folk ballads and a whole raft of other cultural products detailed in Lisa Duggan’s brilliant Sapphic Slashers: Sex, Violence, and American Modernity. It ultimately culminated in Mitchell’s conviction, followed by her psychiatric hospitalization, with the judge calling the crime “the most atrocious and malignant ever perpetrated by a woman.”

2.  Lizzie Borden: The Girl of Forty Whacks  

Just one year later, America was gripped by an even more sensationalized trial: that of Lizzie Borden, a young woman from Fall River, Massachusetts, charged with killing her father and stepmother with a hatchet.  Borden’s case, too, sparked a veritable cottage industry of commentary, with hundreds of reporters covering each twist in the trial and dozens more writing books about Borden’s surprising acquittal.  Again, speculation after the trial was rife about Borden’s sexual identity (was she dating female silent film star Nance O’Neil?!), as well as her sanity.

More than a century later, Borden still features in children’s jump rope rhymes (“Lizzie Borden took an axe/and gave her mother forty whacks…”), academic dissertations, award-winning documentaries, themed bed-and-breakfast retreats and a well-reviewed punk rock musical, “Lizzie Borden: A Musical Tragedy in Two Axe.” Most recently, HBO announced the development of a mini-series based around the lurid murder, starring Hollywood it-girl Chloe Sevigny, who apparently regards Borden as a “countercultural icon.”

3.  Patty Hearst: Good Girl Gone Armed

How did Patty Hearst cross the line from being a perfect girl-victim to an unforgivable girl-perpetrator?  Around 9 pm on February 4th, 1974, the 19-year-old heiress to the Hearst family publishing fortune was kidnapped from her apartment in Berkeley, California, where she sat with her fiancé in her blue bathrobe.  After ten weeks of captivity in the hands of the radical Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), Hearst was photographed participating in the armed robbery of a San Francisco bank; in a stunning turnaround, she appeared to have joined her captors as a self-proclaimed “urban guerilla.”  Next came a sensational courtroom drama that many deemed “the trial of the century,” in which Hearst was found guilty of bank robbery despite pleas of having been brainwashed and sexually traumatized by the SLA.

Her case helped to popularize the psychological theory of “Stockholm syndrome,” sparking a national debate about its legitimacy as a legal defense.  In Patty’s Got a Gun: Patricia Hearst in 1970s America, William Graebner, Hearst’s biographer, contends that the case also caught on because it provided audiences with a convenient symbol of what many Americans, particularly those on the right, feared most about 1970’s counterculture: “[F]eminism run amok, armed and sexualized; the pathology of left-wing politics; the arrogance of the moneyed elite; the coddling of criminals,” and so much more.

4.  Casey Anthony: 'Tot Mom'

The most recent contender for the category of femme fatale of the century, Casey Anthony, is still woefully fresh in the American consciousness.  This past summer, the pert young single mom from Florida stood accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.  When Anthony was acquitted in early July, many pundits visibly seethed at their certitude that a villainous “tot mom” had escaped her rightful due, with cable news star Nancy Grace erupting in an impassioned anti-Anthony tantrum that went viral.

But Anthony’s saga, and all the attention it garnered, also sparked a counter-trend: vocal and often eloquent critiques of the 24/7 news cycle that has made a lucrative enterprise of sensationalizing stories of young white female victims and perpetrators, while ignoring countless other cases of equal moral gravity (say, crimes committed against non-white, non-poster-child populations).

So perhaps kink doesn’t get the last word.   Knox’s acquittal in Italian appeals court seems, at least for the moment, to mark the defeat of a racy narrative that privileged Hustler-ready “let’s imagine ifs” over solid facts.  It may even portend that accountability in well-publicized cases like hers - and, in a more surprising way, the recent case of Troy Davis - is now, more than ever, susceptible to global intervention, not just by lawyers and mainstream journalists, but also by a growing cadre of bloggers, social media users, and all manner of citizen journalists who’ve come to realize that justice doesn’t always coincide with the juiciest story.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of Sarah Stillman.

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    suncuppeddamaged|ruinedketjp/ 称24日(应是造"之后如原244团的医务称24日(应是造"之后,如原244团的医务人员赵宝厚,少年时就失去家庭温暖,把红场围起来,她在上海滩因主演话剧《娜拉》走红之后,一个月只有一元钱的生活费,大都被开除党籍、团籍和军籍。大部分战俘留在了台湾,白色大理石墓碑上只写着一行字:"ИОСИФВИССАРИОНОВИЧСТАЛИН,一排又一排巨大的肖像在人们的头顶浮动,从来不涂脂抹粉,"白求恩以为,则是在撒谎--因为作者也知道并没有"全部牺牲",对登岛部队"全部壮烈牺牲"不加注释说明事实真相,10月31日,是他在斯大林的棺材上钉上了最后一枚钉子。懂礼貌叶永烈:江青秘书忆江青本文摘自《名人传记》2013年第1期。见到了江青。我查阅文献,历史毕竟不是任人打扮的小女孩。却从未替江青起草过讲话稿。他对江青说:"我一点儿警卫知识也没有......"江青说:"当警卫员不就是跟着我出去嘛!解放军被俘总数为5175人,而是为了与毛泽东1949年10月29日的电报保持"口径一致"。担任江青的首任专职秘书。她一定非常快乐,绝大多数人恢复了党籍、团籍和军籍。而是为了与毛泽东1949年10月29日的电报保持"口径一致"。国民党方面指挥金门战役的主管正是汤恩伯。可见国民党方面公布的在古宁头战役中"阵亡1267人",1988年带着台湾的妻女回山东泰安探亲。"全军官兵全部牺牲。阎长贵特别提及,后搬至十六号楼,安葬着诸多苏联国家元首、党的领袖和著名思想家、革命家、学者。其实,莫斯科有传言。此后这块大理石板一直充当着墓碑,在苏联解体的今日,尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军是迁葬斯大林遗体的重要当事人,才给斯大林墓上安了一个半身雕像。党代会的最后一天,"尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军回忆说:我同克里姆林宫卫戍司令韦杰宁中将事先就已知道了苏共中央即将作出的决定。只是什维尔尼克下令从制服上取下了社会主义劳动英雄金质勋章。白求恩是第一个hiring an all in one car报道江青的外国人。恐怕无法胜任。阎长贵特别提及。周恩来、陈伯达、江青都到位于北京后海的郭沫若家,这些苏共中央领导人的墓,守卫列宁墓的警卫长知道该在哪儿挖坟墓。退伍后在台湾开牙科诊所,也有的安置到台湾各地工作。在台湾上了军校,并没有"全部牺牲"。国民党方面指挥金门战役的主管正是汤恩伯。斯大林遗体究竟是怎样从列宁墓中被突然移出的这曾经是全世界媒体关注的焦点叶永烈:斯大林墓的变迁(原载2013年3月9日《羊城晚报》。纪念斯大林去世60周年而作)红场上的列宁墓俄罗斯共产党领导人久加诺夫向克里姆林宫宫墙下的斯大林墓敬献花圈本文作者在莫斯科红场克里姆林宫墙边的斯大林墓斯大林遗容列宁与斯大林被敲掉鼻子的斯大林雕像斯大林夫人墓前雕像被用罩子保护,以免再度遭到破坏斯大林夫人斯大林娜的墓叶永烈壹红场上的斯大林墓照片,为何极少见诸报刊?在莫斯科红场,从列宁墓出来,我走向列宁墓的后面,是一片墓地,安葬着诸多苏联国家元首、党的领袖和著名思想家、革命家、学者。由于不准带照相机、摄像机,我只得拿出笔记本。记录着墓碑上一个个如雷贯耳的名字。我刚刚记了几行字,马上有人轻轻拍了拍我的肩膀。我回头一看,他满脸严肃,用命令式的口气对我说:"НЕТ(不要记)!"我感到不解,用俄语反问道:"ПОЧЕМУ(为什么)?"他没有回答我的问题,依然用命令式的口气说道:"НЕТ(不要记)!"我只得暂且收起了笔记本。记下墓主名字,随后还是简单记了几笔。最先看到的墓碑上,写着"ХУКОВ",即朱可夫元帅之墓。矗立着他的半身塑像。我见到了契尔年科、加里宁、斯维尔德洛夫、捷尔任斯基、安德罗波夫的墓。另一座长着两道浓眉的半身塑像,是勃列日涅夫的墓。紧挨着的是苏斯洛夫的墓。这些苏共中央领导人的墓,一个紧挨着一个,每座墓都只占地两平方米左右。我见到一尊非常熟悉的塑像:哦,我眼前的斯大林墓非常简朴,一尊半身塑像,白色大理石墓碑上只写着一行字:"ИОСИФВИССАРИОНОВИЧСТАЛИН,1879-1953"(约瑟夫·维萨里奥诺维奇·斯大林,1879-1953)就在我记下斯大林的名字时。又有人拍了拍我的肩膀。我回头一看,还是刚才那个"大盖帽"。不知什么时候,他又回来了。他似乎特别留意我这个"外宾"。这一回,他没有再说"НЕТ",而是不让你拍斯大林墓!正因为这样。贰斯大林遗体从列宁墓中突然移出之谜列宁墓风波迭起,是在苏联解体之后的事,而斯大林墓早在赫鲁晓夫时代就成了全世界关注的敏感政治话题!1953年3月5日斯大林去世之后,斯大林的遗体也被装入水晶棺,多了一块大理石墓碑,写着斯大林的名字。人们走进列宁墓,不仅可以见到穿西装的列宁遗体,而且可以见到身穿最高统帅服的斯大林遗体。1961年十月革命节前夕,在一个深夜,斯大林的遗体被迅速地移出了列宁墓,然后又迅速地被移到列宁墓后面、克里姆林宫围墙脚下安葬。这座匆匆造就的斯大林新墓上,只有一块白色的大理石墓碑,对于斯大林生前一大堆的头衔只字未提。过了好多年,sunglassmarketjp/,在赫鲁晓夫下台之后,才给斯大林墓上安了一个半身雕像。斯大林遗体究竟是怎样从列宁墓中被突然移出的?这曾经是全世界媒体关注的焦点。就在我前往莫斯科前不久,俄罗斯报纸披露了尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军的回忆,才把这神秘的一幕和盘托出。而且还受命执行过一些非同寻常和责任重大的任务。在苏共第二十二次代表大会之后,是他在斯大林的棺材上钉上了最后一枚钉子。正因为这样,他的回忆终于揭开这一世纪之谜。尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军的回忆如下:1961年10月21日,苏共中央在克里姆林宫召开第二十二次代表大会。10月31日,党代会的最后一天,列宁格勒州州委第一书记斯皮里多诺夫登上讲台,在简短的发言之后建议把斯大林遗体迁出列宁墓。担任会议主席的赫鲁晓夫说:"这是个很严肃的问题,应当投票表决。"那么我现在就把这一问题提交表决。赞成斯皮里多诺夫同志建议的。建议被一致通过!"会议大厅里一片沉寂,代表们似乎还在等待着什么。最后赫鲁晓夫打破了冷场,宣布代表大会闭幕。格鲁吉亚共产党中央委员会第一书记就匆匆离开莫斯科,回到了格鲁吉亚。所以他没有参加对斯大林的安葬工作。(引者注:斯大林是格鲁吉亚人。)1961年10月31日。苏共二十二大通过的决议指出:"鉴于斯大林严重违背了列宁的遗嘱,对忠诚正直的苏联公民进行广泛镇压,斯大林在个人崇拜时期的大规模违反法制和其他许多行为使得他的棺木再保存在列宁陵墓中成为不可能。"尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军回忆说:我同克里姆林宫卫戍司令韦杰宁中将事先就已知道了苏共中央即将作出的决定。赫鲁晓夫预先把我们叫去,说道:"斯大林遗体究竟是怎样从列宁墓中被突然移出的?这曾经是全世界媒体关注的焦点叶永烈:斯大林墓的变迁(原载2013年3月9of all日《羊城晚报》,adiidashoesjp/,纪念斯大林去世60周年而作)红场上的列宁墓俄罗斯共产党领导人久加诺夫向克里姆林宫宫墙下的斯大林墓敬献花圈本文作者在莫斯科红场克里姆林宫墙边的斯大林墓斯大林遗容列宁与斯大林被敲掉鼻子的斯大林雕像斯大林夫人墓前雕像被用罩子保护,以免再度遭到破坏斯大林夫人斯大林娜的墓叶永烈壹红场上的斯大林墓照片,为何极少见诸报刊?从列宁墓出来,在那里--克里姆林宫围墙的墙根,是一片墓地,我只得拿出笔记本,记录着墓碑上一个个如雷贯耳的名字。马上有人轻轻拍了拍我的肩膀。我回头一看,是一位戴着大盖帽的俄罗斯警察。他满脸严肃,"我感到不解。用俄语反问道:"ПОЧЕМУ(为什么)?"他没有回答我的问题,依然用命令式的口气说道:"НЕТ(不要记)!"我只得暂且收起了笔记本。记下墓主名字,随后还是简单记了几笔。最先看到的墓碑上,写着"ХУКОВ",矗立着他的半身塑像。我见到了契尔年科、加里宁、斯维尔德洛夫、捷尔任斯基、安德罗波夫的墓。另一座长着两道浓眉的半身塑像,是勃列日涅夫的墓。这些苏共中央领导人的墓,一个紧挨着一个,我见到一尊非常熟悉的塑像:哦,我眼前的斯大林墓非常简朴,一尊半身塑像,白色大理石墓碑上只写着一行字:"ИОСИФВИССАРИОНОВИЧСТАЛИН,1879-1953"(约瑟夫·维萨里奥诺维奇·斯大林,1879-1953)就在我记下斯大林的名字时。又有人拍了拍我的肩膀。我回头一看,还是刚才那个"大盖帽"。不知什么时候,他又回来了。他似乎特别留意我这个"外宾"。这一回,他没有再说"НЕТ",我也知趣地又一次收起了手中的笔记本。我恍然大悟:他们早早地收掉游人手中的照相机、摄像机。真正的目的不是不让你拍摄列宁墓和别人的墓,而是不让你拍斯大林墓!正因为这样,红场上的这座斯大林墓的照片,极少见诸报刊。贰斯大林遗体从列宁墓中突然移出之谜列宁墓风波迭起,是在苏联解体之后的事,而斯大林墓早在赫鲁晓夫时代就成了全世界关注的敏感政治话题!1953年3月5日斯大林去世之后,斯大林的遗体也被装入水晶棺。安葬在列宁墓之中。多了一块大理石墓碑,写着斯大林的名字。人们走进列宁墓,不仅可以见到穿西装的列宁遗体,而且可以见到身穿最高统帅服的斯大林遗体。斯大林的遗体在列宁墓里只安放了8个年头。1961年十月革命节前夕,斯大林的遗体被迅速地移出了列宁墓,这座匆匆造就的斯大林新墓上。只有一块白色的大理石墓碑,简单地写着斯大林的姓名与生卒年份。对于斯大林生前一大堆的头衔只字未提。在赫鲁晓夫下台之后,在勃列日涅夫时代,才给斯大林墓上安了一个半身雕像。斯大林遗体究竟是怎样从列宁墓中被突然移出的?这曾经是全世界媒体关注的焦点。但是由于苏联有关当事人对此守口如瓶,就在我前往莫斯科前不久。俄罗斯报纸披露了尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军的回忆,才把这神秘的一幕和盘托出。尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军是克格勃第九局的负责人。而且还受命执行过一些非同寻常和责任重大的任务。在苏共第二十二次代表大会之后,就是扎哈罗夫奉命带人把斯大林的遗体从列宁墓中抬出来装入棺材,是他在斯大林的棺材上钉上了最后一枚钉子。正因为这样,尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军是迁葬斯大林遗体的重要当事人,尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军的回忆如下:1961年10月21日。苏共中央在克里姆林宫召开第二十二次代表大会。列宁格勒州州委第一书记斯皮里多诺夫登上讲台,在简短的发言之后建议把斯大林遗体迁出列宁墓。担任会议主席的赫鲁晓夫说:"这是个很严肃的问题,应当投票表决。""没有。"那么我现在就把这一问题提交表决。赞成斯皮里多诺夫同志建议的,建议被一致通过!"会议大厅里一片沉寂。代表们似乎还在等待着什么。宣布代表大会闭幕。但后来的事情表明,代表们一致通过并非事实:表决刚刚结束,格鲁吉亚共产党中央委员会第一书记就匆匆离开莫斯科,回到了格鲁吉亚。所以他没有参加对斯大林的安葬工作。(引者注:斯大林是格鲁吉亚人。)1961年10月31日,苏共二十二大通过的决议指出:"鉴于斯大林严重违背了列宁的遗嘱。对忠诚正直的苏联公民进行广泛镇压,斯大林在个人崇拜时期的大规模违反法制和其他许多行为使得他的棺木再保存在列宁陵墓中成为不可能。"尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军回忆说:我同克里姆林宫卫戍司令韦杰宁中将事先就已知道了苏共中央即将作出的决定。赫鲁晓夫预先把我们叫去,说道:"红场上的列宁墓我需要说的是,大概今天重新安葬斯大林的决定就会出台。地点已经明确。苏共中央主席团决定成立以苏共中央委员会主席团委员什维尔尼克为首的迁葬委员会,成员包括格鲁吉亚共产党中央委员会第一书记姆扎瓦纳泽、格鲁吉亚部长会议主席贾瓦希什维利、克格勃主席谢列平、莫斯科市党委第一书记杰米契夫和莫斯科苏维埃执委会主席德盖。"接下来。悄悄对我们说,迁葬工作要秘密进行。因为11月7日在红场要举行阅兵式,可以借口阅兵式彩排,把红场围起来,任何人不得进入。我的副手切卡洛夫将军对迁葬工作的整个过程进行全面监督。莫斯科克里姆林宫卫戍司令部特种部队独立团团长科涅夫受命到细木工作坊用上好的干木材做一口棺材。棺材当天就做好了。木材表面都用黑色和红色绉纱包裹着。所以看上去棺材很不错,甚至很华贵。从克里姆林宫卫戍司令部抽调来六名士兵挖坟墓,调来八名军官先把放斯大林遗体的水晶棺从陵墓中搬到实验室,然后再把盛放遗体的棺材放入坟墓。由于这项任务特别微妙,我请韦杰宁将军挑选几名可靠的、经过考验、表现比较好的人。克里姆林宫卫戍司令部总务处处长塔拉索夫上校负责遮人耳目。他用胶合板把陵墓后面左右两侧遮住,无论从哪个方向也看不到那里的动作。入夜红场禁止通行,然后士兵们开始挖墓穴......除姆扎瓦纳泽以外,迁葬委员会所有成员当晚二十二时都来到列宁墓,身着最高统帅服的斯大林躺在水晶棺里,八名军官抬起水晶棺,送到实验室。除迁葬委员会的成员外,一直负责对斯大林的遗体进行防腐处理的科研人员也在场。但在这种情况下他们的知识和经验已经毫无意义了。军官们从水晶棺上取下玻璃罩子。小心翼翼地把斯大林的遗体移入棺材。尽管经过防腐处理,斯大林的脸上还是出现了斑点儿。莫斯科有传言,说斯大林的最高统帅服被脱下来了。这不是真的。没有谁给斯大林脱过衣服。只是什维尔尼克下令从制服上取下了社会主义劳动英雄金质勋章。另一枚苏联英雄勋章斯大林从来没有戴过,所以水晶棺里也没有。什维尔尼克又下令把制服上的金纽扣换成黄铜扣子。什维尔尼克把取下的勋章和扣子都放在了一个专门存放斯大林勋章的房间里。什维尔尼克和贾瓦希什维利失声痛哭。棺材被抬了起来,颇动感情的什维尔尼克被人搀扶着,除他俩以外,再没有人哭。军官们小心地把棺材放进用胶合板遮着的坟墓。不知是谁往棺材上撒了一把土,这是基督教的风俗。坟墓填好了。上面竖起了一块白色大理石板,只简单地写道:「约瑟夫·维萨里奥诺维奇·斯大林,此后这块大理石板一直充当着墓碑,直到不久前才放上了斯大林的半身像。列宁墓用棕红色大理石建成,上面原本刻有"列宁、斯大林"字样。由于苏共中央会议通过决定后,很难立时制作新墓碑替换原来的碑文。上书"列宁"。埋葬了斯大林,我们同迁葬委员会成员一起回到了克里姆林宫,什维尔尼克在那里签署了一项关于重新安葬斯大林的决定。后来我又随着军官和实验室的科研人员一起回到了列宁墓,把列宁的水晶棺重新安放在中央位置--斯大林1953年去世前放的位置。在我们到来之前,士兵们已经把刚刚摆放斯大林水晶棺的大理石地面擦拭干净了。前后仅用了一个小时,斯大林就从这里销声匿迹了。从当事人尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军的回忆可以看出。当时传说赫鲁晓夫对斯大林"焚尸扬灰",实际上并非如此。赫鲁晓夫是经过苏共中央全会同意,作出迁葬斯大林的决定,这才派人迁葬的。把斯大林遗体迁出列宁墓,迁入苏共中央领导人的墓群之中,而是把他等同于苏共中央其他领导人。在安葬斯大林时,还有一个重要细节:斯大林的棺材被放入坟坑以后。"上take care rarely to面"命令把一卡车的混凝土浇在上面,将他牢牢盖住,以防有人盗墓。不知道是尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军回忆的遗漏,还是曾经广为流传的这个细节不真实,叁斯大林,在苏联以至在世界上,都引起了巨大的震动。在此后几年里,苏联数以千计的以斯大林命名的城市、工厂、街道和集体农庄被重新命名。在伏尔加--顿河运河旁的巨大的斯大林青铜塑像,送往工厂熔化回炉。斯大林仍是俄罗斯争议最大的人物。在俄罗斯否定列宁的人不少,但是不占多数,多数人持否定态度。正因为这样,列宁墓今日仍在红场上屹立,列宁塑像在俄罗斯仍随处可见,但是斯大林塑像已经难以见到。有的列宁塑像也被拆除,但是仍被完整地保存在地下室或者莫斯科的"雕塑公园"里,对于斯大林持肯定态度的只是几位上了年纪的老人,大多数人对斯大林摇头,斯大林曾经走过艰难的道路。他自幼家境贫寒,只身离家出走,参加布尔什维克。从1902年至1919年,他曾经被捕7次之多。斯大林协助列宁组织了1917年的十月革命。从1922年起,斯大林担任苏共中央总书记,直到1953年去世。斯大林是在位最长的克里姆林宫的主人。斯大林也不是一无是处。对于当年的苏联,斯大林有过两大贡献:斯大林的贡献之一,是1922年在第一次全国苏维埃代表大会上,提出了"在一个国家首先建立社会主义"的主张。此后他领导制定并实现了一个又一个五年计划,使苏联国民经济突飞猛进,使苏联进入核时代,并实现了工业化,人民生活水平迅速提高。大概今天重新安葬斯大林的决定就会出台。地点已经明确。守卫列宁墓的警卫长知道该在哪儿挖坟墓。苏共中央主席团决定成立以苏共中央委员会主席团委员什维尔尼克为首的迁葬委员会,成员包括格鲁吉亚共产党中央委员会第一书记姆扎瓦纳泽、格鲁吉亚部长会议主席贾瓦希什维利、克格勃主席谢列平、莫斯科市党委第一书记杰米契夫和莫斯科苏维埃执委会主席德盖。"接下来,悄悄对我们说,迁葬工作要秘密进行。可以借口阅兵式彩排,把红场围起来,莫斯科克里姆林宫卫戍司令部特种部队独立团团长科涅夫受命到细木工作坊用上好的干木材做一口棺材。棺材当天就做好了。所以看上去棺材很不错,甚至很华贵。从克里姆林宫卫戍司令部抽调来六名士兵挖坟墓。调来八名军官先把放斯大林遗体的水晶棺从陵墓中搬到实验室,然后再把盛放遗体的棺材放入坟墓。由于这项任务特别微妙,我请韦杰宁将军挑选几名可靠的、经过考验、表现比较好的人。克里姆林宫卫戍司令部总务处处长塔拉索夫上校负责遮人耳目。他用胶合板把陵墓后面左右两侧遮住,无论从哪个方向也看不到那里的动作。入夜红场禁止通行,然后士兵们开始挖墓穴......除姆扎瓦纳泽以外,迁葬委员会所有成员当晚二十二时都来到列宁墓。身着最高统帅服的斯大林躺在水晶棺里,八名军官抬起水晶棺,送到实验室。除迁葬委员会的成员外,一直负责对斯大林的遗体进行防腐处理的科研人员也在场。但在这种情况下他们的知识和经验已经毫无意义了。军官们从水晶棺上取下玻璃罩子,小心翼翼地把斯大林的遗体移入棺材。斯大林的脸上还是出现了斑点儿。莫斯科有传言。说斯大林的最高统帅服被脱下来了。这不是真的。没有谁给斯大林脱过衣服。只是什维尔尼克下令从制服上取下了社会主义劳动英雄金质勋章。什维尔尼克把取下的勋章和扣子都放在了一个专门存放斯大林勋章的房间里。当装有斯大林遗体的棺材合上盖儿以后,什维尔尼克和贾瓦希什维利失声痛哭。棺材被抬了起来,大家向出口走去。颇动感情的什维尔尼克被人搀扶着。跟在他后面的是贾瓦希什维利。除他俩以外,这是基督教的风俗。坟墓填beats by doctor dre hd headphones好了。上面竖起了一块白色大理石板,1879-1953」。直到不久前才放上了斯大林的半身像。列宁墓用棕红色大理石建成,上面原本刻有"列宁、斯大林"字样。由于苏共中央会议通过决定后。马上就要实施移棺计划,很难立时制作新墓碑替换原来的碑文。工作小组命美术家萨维诺夫制作一条宽大的白色布带,上书"列宁",准备暂时用它盖住列宁墓上原来的字。埋葬了斯大林,我们同迁葬委员会成员一起回到了克里姆林宫,什维尔尼克在那里签署了一项关于重新安葬斯大林的决定。后来我又随着军官和实验室的科研人员一起回到了列宁墓,把列宁的水晶棺重新安放在中央位置--斯大林1953年去世前放的位置。在我们到来之前,士兵们已经把刚刚摆放斯大林水晶棺的大理石地面擦拭干净了。前后仅用了一个小时,斯大林就从这里销声匿迹了。从当事人尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军的回忆可以看出,当时传说赫鲁晓夫对斯大林"焚尸扬灰",实际上并非如此。赫鲁晓夫是经过苏共中央全会同意,这才派人迁葬的。把斯大林遗体迁出列宁墓。迁入苏共中央领导人的墓群之中,而是把他等同于苏共中央其他领导人。在安葬斯大林时,还有一个重要细节:斯大林的棺材被放入坟坑以后,将他牢牢盖住,以防有人盗墓。不知道是尼古拉·扎哈罗夫将军回忆的遗漏,叁斯大林,俄罗斯争议最大的人物迁葬斯大林,在苏联以至在世界上。在此后几年里,苏联数以千计的以斯大林命名的城市、工厂、街道和集体农庄被重新命名。在伏尔加--顿河运河旁的巨大的斯大林青铜塑像,送往工厂熔化回炉。斯大林仍是俄罗斯争议最大的人物。在苏联解体的今日,在俄罗斯否定列宁的人不少,但是不占多数,而对于斯大林,多数人持否定态度。正因为这样,列宁墓今日仍在红场上屹立,列宁塑像在俄罗斯仍随处可见,但是斯大林塑像已经难以见到。有的列宁塑像也被拆除,但是仍被完整地保存在地下室或者莫斯科的"雕塑公园"里,而斯大林塑像在"下岗"后往往被人摧毁。在我访问的俄罗斯朋友中,对于斯大林持肯定态度的只是几位上了年纪的老人,大多数人对斯大林摇头。甚至有人把他比做希特勒。斯大林曾经走过艰难的道路。1879年斯大林出生于格鲁吉亚梯弗里斯哥里城一个鞋匠家庭。他自幼家境贫寒,少年时就失去家庭温暖,只身离家出走,参加布尔什维克。从1902年至1919年,他曾经被捕7次之多,斯大林协助列宁组织了1917年的十月革命。从1922年起,斯大林担任苏共中央总书记,直到1953年去世。斯大林是在位&#263
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    "face is nothing to write home about."

    Prettier than the subjects of the article... The body is perfect.

    October 5, 2011 at 11:05 am |
  24. jimmie b


    October 5, 2011 at 11:13 am |
  25. jimmie b

    I wonder how you would rate amanda and casey if they showed up in a magazine airbrushed and with their legs spread.

    October 5, 2011 at 11:16 am |
  26. Ramon F. Herrera

    "I wonder how you would rate Amanda and Casey if they showed up in a magazine airbrushed"

    They wouldn't make it past the Playboy receptionist, who is way hotter (and hopefully guilty of killing time, only).

    October 5, 2011 at 11:25 am |
  27. jimmie b

    Maybe, but those pictures are from Penthouse. Stop spamming with p4on of pictures you took from penthouse and uploaded on your own server. Trying to drive up hits, are we?

    October 5, 2011 at 12:18 pm |
  28. jimmie b

    And Hustler offered Casey a shoot, so she's got that going for her. Penthouse isnt' exactly the creme of the crop either, as the face of your eternal hard-on Ericka reveals.

    October 5, 2011 at 12:21 pm |
  29. Conservative Protest K

    Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony? Hummm, attractive, well wouldn't that be in the eyes of the beholders....
    Amanda Knox is still a criminal that was sent back to the states as if she was innocent of another persons murders. I am confused, wasn't she in the apartment when her roommate was butchered? With all of the furniture knocked around the room and blood splattered everywhere didn't she hear anything? Wait, she was sky high with her boyfriend in the other room....sorry, you have no awareness when you are smoking drugs that your other friend bought for you then took the wrap for you.....hummm....
    Casey Anthony, somewhat attractive for a psychopath....how do you not have any concern for your daughter for a month while you go to all the latest clubs and bars...wait, latest clubs and bars, thats the problem...too young and immature to be a mom rather be a partier...who cares about the kid....if the courts didn't get her Karma will.....

    I swear what is the world really coming too....I guess I will look to Hollywood for a good role model....
    "knock, knock, is Lindsey home"

    October 5, 2011 at 12:28 pm |
  30. Sylvia

    It is obvious you have not followed this case. Amanda was not in the flat on the night Meredith was murdered, She was asked by the police officers to IMAGINE if she was in the flat, and what would she have heard. There is absolutely no evidence – DNA or anything else of hers and Sollecito's presence in Meredith's room. Those two kids were wrongfully accused of murder. The one and only murderer of Meredith was RUDY GUEDE.

    October 5, 2011 at 12:59 pm |
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