February 24th, 2012
05:25 AM ET

Bakshi: A humanitarian corridor for Syria?

Editor's  Note: The following is an edited transcript of my interview with Abu Fares, a Syrian protester in Homs (identity withheld), Muna Jondy, a human rights attorney and president of United for a Free Syria based in the U.S. and Khaled Saleh, a Syrian National Council (SNC) Foreign Relations Official also based in the U.S. In the video above, the guests focus on the question of whether the international community should impose a humanitarian corridor on Syria.

Civil war in Syria? And life in Homs

Amar C. Bakshi (CNN world producer; host): Muna, from your vantage point, what is taking place in Syria right now?  Is it a civil war?

Muna Jondy (human rights attorney):  It’s not a civil war.  With a civil war you’re talking about two relatively equal forces fighting.  That’s absolutely not the case.  It’s government aggression against protesters.

Many of the Free Syrian Army members defected - generally at the lower midlevel but nothing in terms of high-level defections. But the military force that the Free Syrian Army has is not enough to even defend itself.  So I definitely wouldn’t describe it as a civil war.  But I do think that the longer the international community takes to take serious action to protect civilians, the more likely this is going to spiral out into a full-armed uprising.

Amar C. Bakshi: What is life like in Homs?  Could you give a sense of what the day-to-day is like where you are?

Abu Fares (protester in Homs):  We live a catastrophe here.  Everyday we are exposed to the random killing of the al-Assad forces.  Everyday we have dozens of murdered and wounded civilians.  FULL POST

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February 14th, 2012
07:51 AM ET

Your chance to talk to a Syrian dissident

At 9a.m. EST today, I will be hosting GPS' first live online video discussion with three Syrians - two expats and one dissident in Homs, Syria.

We will discuss the ongoing violence in Syria, international efforts to halt it, and what the country could look like after Bashar al-Assad.

You can join the discussion here and submit questions in real time. Enter your name. The password is uncommon.

Email me at amar[dot]bakshi[at]turner[dot]com with any questions before the event.

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