Remembering 9/11: Reflections from Jordan
The view from Alden's window in Jordan. (Courtesy: Alden Mahler Levine)
September 11th, 2011
04:30 PM ET

Remembering 9/11: Reflections from Jordan

Editor's Note: Alden Mahler Levine is a researcher at CNN International. She blogs at Red Pen Brigade. The following is her recollection about hearing of 9/11 while living in Jordan.

By Alden Mahler Levine, CNN

It is hot, and I am tired. I am the kind of tired I get when I have to pack – the frustrated, anxious tired. Tired of having to think, make decisions, process, plan. It has been a very long week, fraught with social tension. The weight of my leaving hangs over me at all times like a gloomy raincloud, every bit as likely to burst into rainy tears at any moment.

Keep going, I encourage myself. Pack a little more. If you can focus for thirty more minutes, you can take a break. If you can focus, you can sit for half an hour and watch “The Bold and the Beautiful.” FULL POST