Lumberjack worst job of 2012; computer programmer best
April 12th, 2012
11:21 AM ET

Lumberjack worst job of 2012; computer programmer best

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By David Trifunov, GlobalPost

Obviously, ax throwing and logrolling are not part of the selection criteria. suggests lumberjack is the worst job you could have in 2012, while computer programmer ranks at the top.

“The top-rated jobs have few physical demands, minimal stress, a good working environment and a strong hiring outlook,” said Tony Lee, publisher of's 2012 Jobs Rated Report. “Conversely, lumberjacks and dairy farmers, two of the worst jobs in the nation, work in physically demanding, precarious, low-paying professions with a weak hiring outlook.”

The website ranks occupations based on five areas: environment (physical and emotional), income, outlook, physical demands and stress.


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March 14th, 2012
11:15 PM ET

Al-Assad fiddles with iTunes as Syria burns

By , GlobalPost

As hundreds of Syrians fought and died for their freedom, President Bashar al-Assad and his wife ordered Harry Potter films and pop music, a sweeping new investigation from The Guardian reveals.

The English newspaper obtained thousands of emails it says are the personal accounts belonging to al-Assad and his wife, Asma.

Activists say a disgruntled al-Assad insider leaked addresses and passwords, and they were able to monitor conversations in real time.

“It was clear who we were dealing with,” an activist told The Guardian. “This was the president and his wife. There was no doubt.” FULL POST

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