June 6th, 2011
12:00 PM ET

A message to Millennials: Innovate to save lives

Editor's Note: Josh Nesbit is CEO of Medic Mobile, which uses existing communication technologies to improve medical care. The "Global Innovation Showcase" is a special feature created by the New America Foundation, a non-partisan, future-oriented think tank based in Washington DC, and the Global Public Square.

By Josh Nesbit – Special to CNN

I understand that you can get rich off iPhone applications. Projected revenue for Apple’s App Store in 2011 is $2.91 billion, and 70% goes to app developers.

I know we’re overwhelmed by stories of big money in tech startups (see Facebook’s $50 billion valuation and the box office success of The Social Network).

That said, I’d like to deliver a message to Millennials – you can innovate with a different purpose. There are new and exciting platforms for social impact.


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