June 14th, 2011
11:00 AM ET

The economics of killing someone in China

By Kathleen E. McLaughlin, Global Post

CHONGQING, China — One dark night last December, a woman begging for money in a suburb of China’s largest city was hit by a truck.

For more than an hour, she lay on the side of street moaning and crying for help. Nobody responded to her pleas. Those who heard her calls thought she was just another melodramatic beggar, trying to con passersby out of money. When someone finally did come for her, it was only to finish the job.

It took two months to find her body and reconstruct what happened. Police still don’t know the women’s identity and have released very little information about her. But they say Tian Huobo, the 23-year-old truck driver they arrested this spring, intentionally killed the woman after first running her over accidentally. FULL POST

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June 14th, 2011
08:54 AM ET

Rivals push to rename the South China Sea

By Kathleen E. McLaughlin, Global Post

BEIJING, China — Amid the escalating dispute over territorial waters in the South China Sea, China’s rivals are toying with a simple idea: change the name of the sea.

A petition drive from Vietnam to change the South China Sea’s name to the Southeast Asia Sea is gaining followers. Meanwhile, the Philippines has another proposal.

“When people keep referring to the South China Sea, there is a subliminal message that this sea belongs to a country whose name appears in the name,” Commodore Miguel Jose Rodriguez, Armed Forces spokesman, said recently, according to the Philippines Inquirer. “We in the Philippines should call it West Philippine Sea.” FULL POST

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