November 21st, 2010
11:00 PM ET

GPS November 21, 2010: Fixing the deficit & Iran's human rights commisioner

The deficit. Fareed says it’s the most important issue facing Americans today. But will American politicians listen to the recommendations of the U.S. Fiscal Reform Commission? Maybe.  Fareed’s Take on how to fix the deficit.

Then, a fascinating and exclusive look at the inner workings of the Iranian Regime. Fareed sits down with a member of one of Iran’s most powerful political families – often referred to as the “Kennedys of Iran.” The Iranian government’s human rights commissioner, Mohammed Javad Larijani Discusses not only Iran’s human right’s record, but also his nation’s nuclear ambitions and whether Tehran is ready to sit down at the table and negotiate with the U.S.

And you might be asking “What in the World?” has the U.S. government done right lately? How about bringing the largest U.S. automaker back from the brink of death to the largest IPO in American history?

Next up, 2014 is the new date for combat troops to be out of Afghanistan. Is that possible?  How DOES the coalition get out of Afghanistan?  And what will Afghanistan look like after they leave?   We’ve gathered a panel of experts from all sides of the debate.

And finally, a last look at a real clown elected to congress.

Read the transcript here.

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