September 15th, 2011
08:58 AM ET

Nathan Myhrvold on science in the kitchen

Nathan Myhrvold is a polymath inventor and avid chef.  But his kitchen isn't your normal operation. It has "centrifuges and freeze driers and spray driers and rotary evaporators" that he uses to cook and analyze what he cooks.  Myhrvold studies the science behind cooking, and has written a 2,438 page, $600 book called Modernist Cuisine that is the touchtone for what is known as molecular gastronomy, which melds science and cooking to create incredible concoctions.  In the video above, Myhrvold describes his unique publication.

Also from the Global Public Square, check out Nathan on how to create the perfect French fry, how to zap mosquitos with lasers and how to solve global warming.

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