Children attend Occupy Wall Street
October 29th, 2011
06:49 PM ET

Should kids Occupy Wall Street?

By Nicole Rojas, GlobalPost

Who said protesting was for grown ups? As these photographs show, kids are joining the masses at Occupy protests around the world.

The protests, which began in New York City as hundreds gathered in Zucotti Park to "Occupy Wall Street," have spread to cities all over the world.

And, the adults, some of whom have made the Occupy camps their home, are bringing along their little ones.  Many believe they have must seize this "teachable moment" to educate their kids on income equality and the right to protest.

In Zucotti Park, a Brooklyn mother organized a sleepover for more than 80 parents and their children.  A makeshift library within the park has a collection of children's books for parents to use.

Now that Occupy Wall Street has entered its second month, police in various cities are demanding that protesters leave their camps and increasing the use of violent means to remove them. And as some protests turn violent, the question remains, is it still safe to bring these tiny protesters out to demonstrate?

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