April 17th, 2012
08:20 AM ET

Prior GPS clip of Shah Rukh Khan on being detained

On Friday, U.S. authorities at White Plains airport new New York detained Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan for an hour and a half.  India reacted angrily with its foreign minister declaring: "[this] policy of detention and apology by the U.S. cannot continue."  This is not a first for Shah Rukh Khan. Back in August 2009, he was held for two hours at New Jersey’s Newark airport.

Here's a transcript of what Khan said to Fareed Zakaria after that first detention:

Fareed Zakaria: First, tell us about this incident. So you are, without any question, the biggest movie star in India, a billion fans some people say, and you get to Newark Airport and what happens?

Shah Rukh Khan: You know, normally I am kind of used to having extra security checks, perhaps because of the name or the way profiling is done, even my kids, so I'm used to it. It's not something new.

Fareed Zakaria: They thought your fans were sort of being unruly or -

Shah Rukh Khan: Yes, I guess - suddenly they started asking questions, what are you doing here and do you have a telephone number? I was going to give yours. Yes? I took out my phone and they were a little angry about me taking out my phone. So I said, I can't give you a number until I find them out.

So I sort of gave a few numbers and then they would go in, check, then they came and said what are you doing here? And so I said I've came here for a film. There were some strange questions like if you're a film actor - I've come for a live talk, and they said if you have come for a talk, how can you be a movie star? So I said, you know, I talk also and am in acting films.

So it just got out of hand, and I guess it was a process, so they went on and on - and it took a couple of hours.

Fareed Zakaria: But you feel like you have had experiences like this before?

Shah Rukh Khan: Not quite like this - not at the immigrations, but at security. Initially, post 9/11, I think, yes, there were instances when I guess your boarding pass gets written on it, so you're taken on to the other side and you take off your shoes and stuff, yes?

Fareed Zakaria: Even your kids?

Shah Rukh Khan: Oh, yes, yes. They get very excited, because, you know, they get to put their feet on those little marks and stand like that. So they think they're being special.

Fareed Zakaria: Now, you're very relaxed about it. Does it not anger you, I mean, that you're -

Shah Rukh Khan: No. I said it before, Fareed. Like, you know, if I'm planning to come to your house, I have to follow the rules. It's as simple as that. I'm very practical like that. So I'm like, OK. I said, "If I have to come to your house and you have a rule that I need to take off my shoes before I walk into your study, then I do that."

But I just had an issue that, you know, for a country which has such outstanding processes and systems for everything, and they have a process and system for, you know, profiling people who are perhaps on a marked list, they should also have a system where people who come regularly, they should also be marked positively. And so OK, you know, you can go -

Fareed Zakaria: Do you think this affects America's image in - I mean, you're - you're somebody who understands the power of images.

Shah Rukh Khan: Yes.

Fareed Zakaria: Does it affect America's image in a country like India?

Shah Rukh Khan: Oh, yes. I think so. Yes. I think all over the world.  I think, specifically, if I can just take one - because I'm an entertainer, so I would take, say, tourism, you know? Just that way. You come to have fun, you want to go to Orlando, you know, go to the Disney or whatever, when you think about it, like I do now, I take them to Europe now, my kids, if I need to.... So you do think twice. I think it does affect the image, and I'm sure it's in a lot of places also, not just wanting to come to Disney. I'm sure it goes beyond that also.

Fareed Zakaria: And this is a big change, right? Because, I mean, 20 years ago, 30 years ago when I was growing up in India, America was the land of openness, of freedom, a sense of adventure.

Shah Rukh Khan: Absolutely. I think, it still is looked upon like that. And, you know, everybody wants to come to America, everybody loves America and has all the nicest things. Whether it's technology or businesses, whatever. It's the land of opportunity. And suddenly, the opportunity gets a little curtailed because of this. And you do think twice. And you know, would it affect me negatively, would it affect the family negatively?

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  1. nishant

    Typical of Bollywood actor whence on a professional downward spiral.
    he tried the same before his last flop
    guy needs to grow out from his pram
    thinks the Demi God image is universal
    any self respecting man would have refused a comeback
    money matters in this case
    the guy is desperate to share a pint with Mr President of USA
    head home
    PR needs good damage control

    April 17, 2012 at 9:21 am | Reply
    • Al moxtar

      Yeah and I guess he's so brilliant an actor that he goaded the agents into suspecting him, then had them so wrapped up they couldn't google his name for two hours, while in the same time saying nothing but the strict truth about himself and his whereabouts. The man is a genius like that.

      April 17, 2012 at 12:57 pm | Reply
  2. Hahahahahahaha

    Thanks for the good work New York TSA agents! Next time go for 4 hours! Hahahahahahahaha

    April 17, 2012 at 9:30 am | Reply
  3. Lee

    It is an exceedingly slow, painful, and often disheartening process, but eventually all individual U.S. citizens and all individual world citizens will honor and embrace all other people as their own brothers and sisters, parents and children. If we re-double our efforts with each generation, we may achieve this general enlightenment in a few more thousand years.

    April 17, 2012 at 11:51 am | Reply

    Probably, whomever reported him, took some good/bad credit. No Law enforcement forced anyone to examine, unless He/She is reported by the informants. Even if it happens, it would be rare.

    I guess, for Mr.Khan case, may be, someone from his own background (Indian) made it to happened. You know, there are political and Cultural differences in every Countries. Specially, the Country like India.
    At the Airport, where he felt detained, there are more South-Asian Security Personel.

    April 17, 2012 at 2:06 pm | Reply
  5. krm1007

    I wonder if this is incident is a downpayment to the payback by Americans for Indians double crossing the American interests in Iran? Hmmm? More to come???

    April 17, 2012 at 2:28 pm | Reply
  6. j. von hettlingen

    Back in December 2010 the Indian ambassador to the U.S. was upset by a physical patdown at a Mississippi airport. It seemed the Transportation Security Administration didn't make any exception and ruffled feathers. She felt humiliated and said she wouldn't return to the United States, From APJ Abdul Kalam to a Defence Minister and an Indian Ambassador in U.S. — Shah Rukh Khan was in good company. They had all been detained or undergone a pat-down search while passing through an American airport.

    April 17, 2012 at 4:57 pm | Reply
  7. ✠ RZ ✠  

    I actually got delayed once in Mexico to the extent that we had to take a later flight. Anyone want to read about ? Not really ? I didn't think so.

    April 18, 2012 at 5:51 am | Reply
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    April 21, 2012 at 9:01 pm | Reply
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  10. rommel

    well i can relate. i took my father who is 90 yrs old to princeton to give a talk (retired judge) and due to our physical appearance we were obviously descriminated against in what can only be due to a profiling technique taught to the security at each airport. humiliating would be the way i would describe an elderly man reduced to his underwear in such a public venue. ironically these security officers are primarily of african american desent. but similar racist practiises exist in society at all levels and all one can say is that hatred and suspiscion are alive and well, as for freedom , i think it has its moments if it serves those that govern it

    March 4, 2014 at 8:32 am | Reply

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