May 13th, 2014
04:20 PM ET

Analyst: Boko Haram move 'about thuggery'

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Fareed speaks with Eliza Griswold, a journalist who spent seven years traveling along the world's Tenth Parallel, which bisects nations including Nigeria, about what motivates Boko Haram.

Part of this is a power struggle. These are armed gangs that are trying to wrest power from the Nigerian government. You look at that guy who claims to have abducted these kids – you don't get the feeling this guy prays five times a day or observes any of the Muslim…I mean this is a thug who is using what is a convenient language of oppression toward women.

Absolutely. Abu Bakr Skikwa, who used to be number two in Boko Haram and is now number one, is really a lunatic. If one were to compare him to somebody else in Africa, we would look at Joseph Kony – the head of the Lord's Resistance Army – who actually, in setting precedent, took a whole school of young girls from their boarding school some years ago in Northern Uganda. Both of them used religion. Kony claims generally to be Catholic.

So it really isn’t as much about Islam as it really is about thuggery, about seizing power, about sex, about taking these young women, really, as sex slaves and cooks to do the things that the militants themselves don’t want to do.

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    I subscribe intoto to the arguments of those who opine that BOKO HARAM is evil.Allah is God and God is about love and not evil so in no way should we attribute the works of evil to Islam.BOKO HARAM your days are numbered. As Bin Ladin went so too shall this evil leader of Boko Haram whose name I do not call (because evil does not have a name) shall disappear too.

    May 19, 2014 at 4:23 am |
  2. tifetemi

    This is a critical analysis on the boko haram issue. It is not a news story whatsoever. The writer has put down in simple but technical English the motive behind the boko haram attacks, he did not beat about the bush, so to say, in any way. Very straightforward, in depth and clear analysis given. The writer can be best referred to as a precision journalist. ADEEKO BOLUWATIFE , CALEB UNIVERSIT, IMOTA, LAGOS STATE.

    May 29, 2014 at 4:04 pm |
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