September 27th, 2014
10:35 PM ET

Rouhani on the case of Jason Rezaian

Fareed speaks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani about the case of Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian. Watch the full interview this Sunday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET on CNN.

Mr. President, I have one last question, and it's one I've asked you before.  But please indulge me. Jason Rezaian, the correspondent for The Washington Post, and his wife, have both been arrested. Nobody knows what the charges are.  Nobody knows why. Your own foreign minister has said that Jason is a good reporter. People have attested to you personally that he is a decent person.

I know you say it's with the judiciary and you can't comment. My question is, I'm trying to get at this a different way. Can you give us hope that this case will be dealt with fairly, with leniency and speedily – that this will be resolved quickly and that Jason will be able to come back to the United States?

Listen. Leniency and everything that you just went over, these are topics to be thought about or spoken of after the final judgment is rendered. And an individual who is brought up on any charges or detained or questioned, all of the different steps must be in accordance to the constitutions and the laws of the country.

If that individual has not committed any crimes, it will be determined that he or she or they are innocent and they will be freed.  And it will be announced openly.

So we must not prematurely express opinions about a case file that hasn't reached the court yet.  Sometimes the minister for judicial affairs sometimes does inquire a member of my cabinet, sometimes does inquire as to the conditions of those who are detained from time to time.

Will you make an inquiry from your office about their condition? It would, I think it would carry some weight.

Generally speaking, for everyone, what I said goes for everyone, not targeted towards a certain case file or a certain individual.


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