November 29th, 2014
01:03 PM ET

Rottenberg: You don't need a hoodie to be an entrepreneur

Fareed speaks with Linda Rottenberg, co-founder of Endeavor and author of Crazy is a Compliment, about what makes a good entrepreneur. Watch the full interview on a GPS special on innovation in America, this Sunday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET on CNN.

For you, an entrepreneur is somebody who is not always a tech genius, somebody who looks like Mark Zuckerberg. Explain.

Yes, I've been saying to people, you don't need a hoodie to be an entrepreneur. So first of all, in this country, it turns out the two fastest growing groups starting businesses are women and baby boomers over 55.

And I've worked with 1,000 entrepreneurs around the world – every industry, every generation, every race and gender – and what I believe is that entrepreneurs are people who view the world differently. They allow themselves to be contrarian. They zig when everyone else zags. And then they do something about it.

I've come to believe that entrepreneur is a fancy way of saying you're a doer. And it's not necessarily in tech and it's not necessarily people who have radical innovations. For me, entrepreneurship is about a series of minovations, mini-innovations and executing well.

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  1. Kathryn Brunette

    Disruption, Designing a Better Mouse-Trap, Retaining & Enhancing Quality of Life-Style; Women AND +55-Boomers
    are the most valuable demographic to achieve this. Both are major stakeholders on multiple capitalistic and practical levels.
    Both sandwich between social, medical, governmental, global, ethical and family issues. The tendrils diffuse across multiple age and multi-cultural environments.

    December 2, 2014 at 6:59 pm |
  2. CodyBlake

    Linda is legit! Love her! We had her on our podcast, The Entrepreneurs Library, to give a deep dive on Crazy Is A Compliment. With Linda’s experience she gives amazing insight on how to become the best entrepreneur you can be. If you would like to hear a review from Linda herself check out episode 121 at

    December 29, 2014 at 9:44 am |
  3. Tracepreneur

    She is very spot on. Entrepreneurs are innovative thinkers. Although being an entrepreneur has its many challenges but it's enjoyable and fulfilling if you are passionate about what you do.

    March 28, 2019 at 3:22 am |
  4. Bayu Angora

    Now we can celebrate freedom with satirical Indonesian freethinker blogger.

    July 15, 2019 at 11:03 am |

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